Live From The Internet, Marketing Talk Show w/ Ezra Firestone – EPISODE 2

By | September 19, 2020

Watch my new MARKETING TALK SHOW for the latest news, helpful strategies and special guests. 👇

Check out the full post on the Smart Marketer blog:
Watch “Live From The Internet” for fun segments like:

🚨 THIS JUST IN – Where I give you my take on the latest marketing news

💡 WHAT’S WORKING NOW? – Where I teach you a tested and proven strategy from one of my businesses

🔥 THE HOT SEAT – Where I sit down with special guests to pick their brains

And our most popular segment (and a personal favorite):

⭐️ BUYING STUFF & TALKING ABOUT IT – Where I break down the marketing strategies from the biggest names in ecom.

(This episode features Harry’s Razors vs. Dollar Shave Club! 🪒)
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16 thoughts on “Live From The Internet, Marketing Talk Show w/ Ezra Firestone – EPISODE 2

  1. Alexander Knakkergaard

    Hey Ezra, awesome content!!! I really want the ambassador course

  2. Tagdyr Esenkanov

    Hey Ezra, this show is amazing! So much knowledge, im looking forward to the next one already!
    My question is, how long have you been doing jiu-jitsu and what belt do you currently have? Also, do you watch UFC?

  3. Andre Robles

    Hey Ezra, this was my first time watching one of your shows… Great stuff, keep it up…
    Regarding the swearing; personally, I couldn't care less… the only time it matters to me is when I want to watch something and my 1-year-old is in the room…
    I don't want him picking up a swear word and saying it in front of his mom who would have an issue with it (and I would never hear the end of it lol).

  4. Gauthier Schiehlé

    Thanks Ezra for putting such gold content out there! Would really be interested in getting your Ambassador training program, would most definitely help me on some eCom projects that I have!


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