Authentic or Charlatan: Dan Lok | Exposing Internet Marketers

By | August 24, 2020

Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my opinion

Stay until the end where I provide a score for Dan Lok and if he can be considered authentic or charlatan. This is the first episode of Exposing Internet Marketers for my Authentic or Charlatan series.
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Authentic or Charlatan: Dan Lok | Exposing Internet Marketers

In this video, I provide supporting evidence for why I think Dan Lok is a charlatan in my new Authentic or Charlatan series where I am exposing internet marketers for what they are. His sales course High Ticket Closer seems like just another internet marketer product high on hype and low on value.

I feel bad for the people buying in the Dan Lok High Ticket Closer program as it’s very generic sales advice. Dan Lok wants to teach you how to become a closer but it appears he doesn’t have the sales experience to teach you how to be one. So it looks like he relies on a couple of books to provide all of his general material.

This video will put to rest the question of Is Dan Lok a Scam? He’s a vague internet marketer who excels on preying on the weak to sell his HTC or high ticket closer course and FU money book.


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20 thoughts on “Authentic or Charlatan: Dan Lok | Exposing Internet Marketers

  1. Adam Ahmad

    U know what he is now a multi millioner and u r nothing so fuck u

  2. ConsistencyBringsCurrency

    Does anyone know if he gets monetized for videos like these?
    Since he's showing clips of Dan Lok. I'm wondering if it's a copyright issue

  3. Matthew Muise

    The guy is rich ok get over it its hard for poor people to believe I know

  4. Deh Lay

    Lol I knew it since he popping up on my social media ads but I don’t believe these people for a second 😂😂😂 fking gangnam style looking as

  5. Dan Adams

    all these gurus wouldn't exist if so many people have no problem financially ruining themselves I don't understand why ppl join cults like this

  6. Jack Chia

    3 tips to not scam by Dan Lok . $2500 for 1 tip . Pay via bank transfer . 😂😂

  7. J. L

    Everything he does is real and you can make money by doing it, today is my interview with a company hiring me as a High-Ticket Closer.

  8. Dominica Silvestre

    I agree to those people who read books than watching movies and not having a utube channel to criticize others… That is one of the characters of poor people to rich people…. Jack ma and Danlok are my favrit channel that i always listen.

  9. D Noneya

    I want to see a Dan Lok v. Brain Rose cage fight. I'd root for the mat.

  10. D Noneya

    …also, no one gets hired independently as a copywriter by companies with actual budget. Small businesses will hire designers, website/wordpress builders and marketers….NONE hire freelance writers bc they don't even understand the difference. LIES!

  11. D Noneya

    I worked in ESTABLISHED, INTERNATIONAL AD AGENCIES….NO JUNIOR COPYWRITER (what he'd have been as newbie in his 20s) MAKES $10k/month!!! LIE LIE LIE LIE!


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